What we CAN do for you or with you.​

1. Review your product/s on site, amazon, youtube or other locations.

​2. Host a giveaway with your product/s.

3. Promote your Giveaway, Instant Win Game or Sweepstakes.

4. More options available upon request.

Things to know about OUR reviews.

1. They are 100% honest. We will not lie or fabricate false claims on ANY review. Once the

product is sent the review will be 100% honest and unbiased.

​2. We take all our own photos for the products but can also use some provided by company at

their request.

3. Products must be sent 100% free of charge or a code to purchase on amazon with at least

99% off. If product comes with a different site a payment can be sent via paypal in advanced to

pay for the item.

4. Reviews can take 1-4 weeks depending on item, what is asked by company, delays due to

holidays or weather and so fourth but most common time frame for a review is 1-2 weeks.

5. Pricing for product reviews can range from FREE up to $100.00 usd paid via PayPal. Depending

on the value of the product and how much work you want done.

6. Some products i DO NOT review are BOOKS, EBOOKS, AUDIO BOOKS, PILLS, CELLPHONE CASES, SCREEN PROTECTORS, CELLPHONE ACCESSORIES and other small items of that nature. 

7. My personal fav. items to review are TECH, TOYS, HOME GOODS, SUBSCRIPTION BOXES and anything fun. Im opened to a lot of stuff, just email me and let me know.

8. On site reviews can be shared through our social sites like facebook, twitter, instagram, etc and can also be edited for amazon or other online sites at the companies request. 

9. Video reviews can are also available for on-site, amazon and/or youtube at companies request.

ANY OTHER QUESTIONS SEND MESSAGE TO : contactfreebieninja@gmail.com

Our Services

All Unpaid for, Legit and Active followers.

What can can and cant do with or for you. 

Freebie Ninja PR/Media Kit Information

What we CANT do for you or with you.​

1. Pay to review your product. All products to review must be given free or with a 99% off code. We wont pay YOU to help YOU or return products.

2. Host/Promote a giveaway that is NOT 100% free.

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FreebieNinja.com is a very active social site where people can find lots of information for new and free product samples available from companies throughout the internet. A place where they can come and explore new and fun instant win games and sweepstakes. They can learn how to expand their social footprint and more. The sites goal is to not only give followers info but also to be fun and create a community. Hosting giveaways and being very active in twitter, facebook and youtube are some ways we become closer with our following thus creating a great community of fellow NINJAS.

More about REVIEWS.

Freebieninja.com can range from 35,000-55,000 unique site visitors and page views monthly and exceeding 60,000 during holiday seasons where i hold big promotional giveaways.

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