2. Look before your jump.

                                                                                                                        There are 
A LOT of fake scammer fanpages and twitter accounts. For twitter i NEVER click on random messages that send me links, NEVER. A lot of times you will get a private message with a link to a freebie, sale, contest or something related to freebies. Once you click it, it will hack your account and send the same email to the people on your friend list. So dont click on links sent to your messages on twitter.

For facebook its easier, at least for me it is. A lot of the scam pages look cheaply made and give out a full size product. I have seen pages giving away cars, rolex watches, video game systems and you SHOULD know that if it seems too good to be true than chances are its NOT REAL.

There are a few things to look for when trying to spot a scam page. 

1. You can look at their page to see if they are verified to be legit by facebook.  Looks for the check mark in a circle like this one here 

​                                               That is one of the first things you look for to see if the page is legit.

2. Look at the quality of the page and information. Its simple, they are looking to scam people so they are not gonna waste time making a new facebook cover photo or have much info. It will look cheaply made and the company info section will be empty or not have any info. If a company is giving away a freebie and they dont have company info then its a scam page. If they dont have contact phone number, link to company, link to purchase their products or a good company bio.. its a scam page. Look at the company info section for all those things.

3. What are they giving away.A lot of times they will give away something full size or good. Something that will make people jump before they look. If you can fill out the form without liking the page that is also a bad sign. If the freebie tab is cheaply made that is also a bad sign. Think about the freebies and if its too good to be true than it is or if they have no limits then its another bad sign. Dont fall for awesome freebies that you know its too good to be real. 

4. Chances are you get scammed. Even i still get scammed as they are getting better at hiding it. Things to know is that there are different types of scammers. Some are more worst than others but you need to be aware of them all.

   Facebook page scammer  - Some facebook page scammers just want tons of likes. They will give out an awesome free and tell you to share with your friends, share to enter, tag to win or its an awesome freebie and you share it. They want TONS of likes on the page and after a year or two they have hundreds of thousands of followers on that page and then they sell the page for tons of money. If some random new page shows up in your feed that YOU KNOW you never followed, it was a scammer page before and you should unfollow them ASAP.

   Information sellers - These scammer harvest peoples informations. Emails, addresses, phone numbers and more. Then to go and sell those items for lots of money. After that then you recieve tons of junk mail in your house, tons of spam emails to your emails or crap phone calls non-stop. One of the reasons you DONT use your real info, emails or phone numbers.

   Hacker scammers - These scammers get your emails and even your phone numbers if you use a real one and try to get your money. They will send you emails saying stuff like.. failed delivery, download this or that. That is to get you to download somethng that will give u a virus and they can hack your computer. They will send emails that are freebie related and make you think its a link to freebies and other sneaky stuff. Through the phone, they can call and say they are the IRS or another department and ask for payment or personal info. 

   AD scammers - These types of scammers hack your facebook account , twitter or email accounts and then send messages to the people on your contact lists. They can send your contacts ads to sites, links to websites, sexual content and more crap. 


APP permissions. 

Be careful what sites you give permission to. When a website askes for permissions take a second to read what they will do. Some apps can hack your accounts and take them over. Always look to make sure if the permissions you give them wont harm you in any way. I also recommend you go into your accounts like twitter and facebook and remove permissions at least once a month or every other month. Dont leave apps with permissions to your accounts forever, do some cleaning once in a while. 

 Clean up time.

Its always good to clean your computers history and give it what a call a clean up. I do it once a month or every other month. Using a cleaner program and antivirus once a month or every other months make sure there is nothing attached to you computer that can cause harm or be tracking you. I recommend 
Advanced system care to give your computer a tune up/clean up and a free virus scan program like AVAST OR AVG. These programs are for windows but you can look through CNET for good free programs for your mac as well.

5. Already hacked?

If you feel your computer is hacked or has a virus i would recommend you downloading a powerful program like norton. They tend to give you a free month and you can download and scan your computer with a powerful program for free.

If your facebook or twitter are hacked follow these steps.

  1. Go in your account and find the apps sections or permissions sections. Delete any app that has permissions to your account. If you dont know which one is the bad one delete them all. Once you removed the app permissions from your account then run a clean up on your computer. Clean the trackers, cookies, history..clean it up and run a virus scan. Once you have done that go to your account and change your password.. that should help. 

What YOU need to do to stay safer?

Your real information.

For most reasons i would NEVER recommend you use all your real information when signing up for freebies.  By that i mean.. do not use your real phone number, credit cards, main email address or full name. To be safe use mostly fake info. I only use my first real name for freebies and of course my address. I use freebie emails, fake phone numbers and use prepaid cards instead of credit cards. The only time i MIGHT use my real info is if i am entering a giveaway, sweepstake or contest where the prize is of high value and i know the company is 100% legit. If you win you cant claim your prize with a fake name and info. 

                                                                           Another reason i recommend you make a FEW different email addresses is for the reason that sometimes some freebies like the                                                               ones from Pillsbury, better crocker, boxtop4education and livebetteramerica can get to certain email addresses faster than others.  I sometimes get my sample email on GMAIL a lot faster and sometimes i get them on YAHOO faster, thats why its a good reason to have a few emails on GMAIL and YAHOO to make sure you get those freebie emails fastest. There are a few other reasons to have a few emails address but you should get the point. I personally have over 20 emails... yes over 20.

2. Sites to get you started.

Now that you have your email address now you got to start joining websites to start trying to get free samples.  This one is pretty easy. Check out my page HERE on this site where i have a list of recommended sites.  Once there start making account with all the sites you want. Check the sites rules for how many members per household they allow and join for your family members too. The more "people" that join the site the more chances you got on getting free samples to try. Again having multiple emails works great for this as you can join all the sites that send out test products with certain emails to prevent yourself from missing a sample because of all the junk mail. Keep an email or two clean and only use them to sign up for those sites and the regular daily freebies sign up with different emails.

3. Get social. 

Now that you have your emails you need to become more social. Start joining social media sites as those will also help you get free stuff. Some sites want people with lots of friends or followers or subscribers so you have to get social. Start making friends and adding people to your social circles. So what should you join? Well get started with facebook. Make a new facebook account just for freebies and contests and stuff like that. I DO recommend that if you make a second facebook account just for those things NOT to leave it blank or use fake pictures as many people wont add you to their friends list thinking you might be a creepy.. like me lol. So make a second facebook account but use real pics so u dont scare people off. Then make a twitter, pinterest, instagram and maybe even a youtube channel. All those will help you out getting freebies. I have a few account on each social sites for freebie reasons. 

Also once you have your accounts all up and going, follow ALL the companies you can. Just start following any and all companies as they all at some point might give out a freebie, have a contest, sweepstakes or something of that nature. I follow TONS of companies on facebook and twitter so that i can see if any of them got anything new. Im always looking for new companies to follow.  TIP : On facebook after you follow the page make sure you click on 'GET NOTIFICATIONS" so you dont miss anything from them.

4. Web browsers.

Now that you are closer to being a freebie ninja you need to be able to be fast and you need internet browserS. I would recommend you have Google chrome and firefox downloaded. Sometimes one browser can load faster than the other and give you a better chance at getting that freebie.  I tend to use Google chrome more because the "auto-fill" option works better than firefox but both are good. Talking about autofill.. you need to set up your autofill ASAP. With autofill you can have as many addresses stored with different emails address and everything ready to go. When freebies are very limited speed is a plus and having your address, phone and email all set up and the form gets filled in a second compared to taking longer doing it all one by one YOU will get the freebie faster than someone NOT using autofill. 

On google chrome click on the lines on the top right of the screen, then go down to settings. Once there on the search bar on the top right enter "auto" then scroll down till you see this ----->

Once here click on manage autofill settings and enter all the addresses, names and emails you want then your ready to get those freebies. 

5. Keeping time.

Unless you are really good at keeping times you will need to use a timezone converter. Freebies come from all part of the us and some can be est or pst or ct  times. You might need to bookmark a converter to help you figure out the timing. I use this one here .......... click here. 

Hopefully that helps


Now you are ready for freebies. Just follow my page and lets get it popping CLICK HERE NOW

What do you need to get started?

1. You need to create some new emails.

You need new emails for a few different reasons. You will need new emails so that your main emails dont get flooded with spam junk emails. If you sign up for a scam freebie by mistake they will flood your emails with fake scam emails and also a bunch of ad emails. Even legit companies will send ad emails so you are better off NOT using your main email addresses for NOTHING. Its safer and also less of a headache having all your junk emails going to new email address.