1 - 10 soothing sound options.

2 - 2 Power supply methods - 4 x AA Batteries (NOT included) and USB.

3 - Auto-off timer (15, 30, 60-minute and Non-Stop).

4 - Portable: small and lightweight.

5 - Built in clock.

Sounds on machine:

Brown noise, white noise, thunder, typhoon, ocean, rain, bird, brook, lullaby1 and lullaby2​​

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AGPtek White Noise Sleep Machine

My Thoughts

Well let's get into this little noise machine. First off I want to say I do suffer from tinnitus so i was very curious about this machine. 

Tinnitus is a non-stop sound that rings in your ear. You can get it from a few different reasons like a very loud noise hurting your ears like an explosion, diving or jumping in water from heights and other ways you can damage your ear drum. I personally had something go in my ear and damage it causing me to hear this non-stop high pitch tone in my ear arghh, make it stop =(

At first I was super miserable with the noise but after months I have gotten use to it. Though I am used to it, it does not mean I enjoy hearing it and that is where sounds are helpful to me. I now need sounds to go to sleep, need some noise that can hide or help me from not hearing this ringing in my ear as bad. 

This machine is great for that. It does have a few sounds like white noise and rain that help me sleep with this tinnitus. The sounds help me the ringing less and me sleep easier. Not only is it good for that but from time to time I do enjoy listening to rain songs and this one has a nice rain sound that is relaxing and soothing. So, this machine is not just for people that suffer from tinnitus but for relaxing as well. The bird sounds are great to have it playing in your home, add a oil diffuser to the mix and boom, you are in heaven.  

The only flaw I found with this, is that I felt it needed more power. I wanted it to sound louder. Also, not all sounds, sound as loud. There is one or two that sound a bit louder. If this little machine has bluetooth capabilities, it would have solved the problem. Being able to connect an external speaker would have made this machine GREAT. Hopefully a future update will add bluetooth or at least some external speaker input. 

All in all, if you have a baby that falls asleep to lullabies, suffer from tinnitus, have annoying outdoor sounds you cant stand like dogs, loud neighbors, traffic or just want some soothing sounds, this machine is great to have. 

<--- Watch it on youtube.

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