Unique Heat Portable Infrared Space Heater

Check out the awesome pictures and click them for more info. 

My Thoughts

Hello, my beautiful people. I am here once again with another review. This review this cool little heater from Unique Heat. 

This little heater is so cool. When trying it out to review it I have to say I really enjoyed it. It is a well built little powerful heater. Looking a bit like a surround sound subwoofer, it looks cool in the living room and does not stick out like a sore thumb. Being lightweight it is also very easy to move around from room to room if you need the heater in other locations.  It is fairly small and light for being such a good heater so you can basically put this little heater anywhere you want. 

The shell is a hard plastic and it stays cool to the touch making it a safer heater than a lot of others out there in the market, especially around kids. After using it for a while i touched all over the heater and every spot remained cool. Even the front panel stays a lot cooler than most heaters do so it is a nice heater to have around for kids.

The heater also comes with a control panel on top which is easy to use and the included remote control make it an easy to use heater. You can control the heaters timer, heat up and down and of course power it down or up. You also have the option to buy an accessory to make this heater into an air purifier as well which is really cool. 

With the pictures shown below you can also see how easy it is to remove the filter and clean it out. 

This heater is not only well made and feels like everything is high quality but it seems they thought of the consumer while making it. Everything from the easy controls, the lightweight of it, the way it stays cool to the touch and the other features sure makes this is very nice heater for anyone. 



1 - Non-Drying Warmth.

2 - Heats Up to 1,000 Square Feet.

3 - Simple to Use.

4 - Can be air purifier with optional accessory.

5 - Lightweight for easy movement.

6 - Cabinet stays cool to the touch.

7 - Overheating protection.

Pretty awesome isn't it? Now wouldn't you want to get cozy with this little heater, I know I would. =)