My Thoughts

Hello, my beautiful people. I am here once again with another review. This time, I am reviewing this awesome jump starter from Suaoki. 

I have reviewed a few jump starters before and they were nice but very similar and bulky. One of the things you will notice about this car jump starter is how it does not look like a jump starter for cars. The Suaoki jump starter is small and compact and does not weigh much. It looks more like an awesome high-end flashlight than a jumper but it is and more. 

This jumper is top of the line. It has LCD screen with info, can charge tons of different devices, can jump start your car's battery, has flashlight with SOS or normal light and has a lantern with basic light or flashing red and white light. 

Having 25,000 mAh I will power tons of your devices a few times with no problem. Also comes with accessories to let you charge tons of other devices with different plugs. That makes it great for more than just a cars battery jump starter. This power unit is perfect for taking it with you camping and anywhere you can use light and can use a power station to charge or even power small USB devices for a little bit.

Being a car battery jump starter of course that also works well and is super easy to do. With protection from reverse charging and reverse polarity, even people novice at doing a jump start will be fine.

Al in all this little powerhouse of a jumpstarter is great. You get tons of options, accessories, and power that you will be able to use this in multiple situations. Being compact and not too heavy you will be able to carry it anywhere in your car, camping, in home emergencies and more. 

I do recommend this jumper is you want something nice and well made. Something that looks cool but will also give you the power and features you need. Def., check it out and give it a go and if you do, come back here and let me know what you think of it. 

Pretty awesome isn't it? Now wouldn't you want this badboy in your house or car, I know I would. =)

Suaoki 24V 25000mAh Portable Jump Starter Car Jumper Power Bank Battery Booster


1 - 24 volt operation.

2 - High Capacity: 25,000 mAh battery.

3 - 5V USB and 12V/19V option DC output .

4 - Emergency Lights: two built-in ultra bright LED lights.

5 - Protection from Reverse charging from your vehicle's battery occurs, and features reverse polarity protection .

6 - Multiple ways to charge the unit, lighter or wall plug.

7 - Can charge tons of devices through usb and included accessories.

8 - Battery: Li-Polymer with Capacity: 25000 mAh

Check out the awesome pictures and click them for more info.