Portable Mini RGB LED Stage Light

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- 4 Channel DMX-512 LED stage light.

- Built-in automated programs. 

- Sound activated programs.

- Individual control of red, green and blue LEDs.

- Static color and RGB color mixing with or without DMX controller.

- Housed in heavyweight metal.

- Can be mounted on wall or set on top of table. ​​

My thoughts
 Hello World. Today i am reviewing this awesome stage/party light from DBPOWER and i have to say i love it.

First of all the light is made well. The casing is hard  heavyweight metal so it is not cheap plastic. It has wall mount bracket or it can also be used to place on top of table and set up that way.

The light itself is super easy to use if you just want to plug and play or can be even more fun if you have a stage light controller and set up the programs for the light to be synced to music. 

If you just want to plug and play as i do then its a perfect light for you as well. The light just plugs in and its ready to go. The light will begin to change colors on its own giving any party a fun lighting affect. If your party is color themed then you can easily  use the switches in the back to get the perfect color out of the light for your party. 

As a collector of statues and other fun things this light will be used as a display light. I will change the colors as my collectibles change or as i want to focus the light on a certain collectible. 

One of the biggest reasons i wanted this light is for a new collectible i have coming. A darth vader statue, wooohoo. If you know anything about star wars you would know that Darth Vader is all about the red light, that is his "evil" color. I place on placing the darth vader in a display unit with this light focused on the statue hitting it with red lighting. It will make him stand out and pop even more. 

With how easy this light is to use, the color options it can throw out this is an awesome light to buy for anyone that enjoys a good party. Its fun, well built and easy to use that it makes it enjoyable to own. Also for the price that it cost you cant go wrong. You get a well built and very useful light.  

I highly recommend you get this light if your looking to add a little fun at your party or need some color lighting to set the mood or showcase a display. 

If you do have or get this light, come back here and let me know what are your thoughts on it =)

Portable Mini RGB LED Stage Light Review