1 - Easy Setup, no need to download any APP.

2 - Full Gigabit Interface: Network router with 10/100/1000Mbps WAN/LAN Ports, high performance based on 800MHz Dual Core processor.

3 - Dual band router with WiFi power up to 20dBm plus 4 x 5dBi external high gain antennas, enjoy better range & more stable connections.

4 - Compatible with Cable/DSL/Fiber/4G LTE/Satelitte modems/gateways from all service providersin US.

BUY IT HERE - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071JTLCQG

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Kasda AC1200 Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router

My Thoughts

Hello, my beautiful people. I am here once again with another review. This time I'm reviewing the Dual Band Gigabit router from Kasda

I was glad to get a chance to review this router for one main reason. The wifi from verizon is horrible. After switching from Comcast to Verizon due to comcast price hikes every few months I had to let go of good wifi. Though I have faster speeds with comcast, the wifi has been horrible. I have the router in my room and cant even get wifi in the living room about 20 feet away. So when I got the chance to review this I was excited to see if I could get better wifi around the house. 

​The router comes with a small ethernet cable, power plug and a small instruction booklet. 

The modem itself is not too hard to install and the owner does not need to download an app to install it which is good. Some people dont have smartphones so not needing to download an app is a plus. 

After receiving it I plugged the router to mines and followed instructions and done. You have to make sure you switch your wifi to the Kasda wifi so that you can access the site to edit and setup the router. That was one thing that was hard for me to figure out and I had to contact company. The company was fast to reply and were very helpful so that is a good thing. 

After setting everything up and putting my wifi password I connected my devices and it worked as well as expected.

Everything downloaded fast, worked fast and was smooth. Though i did not get wifi that much further away I did get more distance with the Kasda router plugged in and I also got a more solid signal. With the verizon router, when in the back yard I would go from 1 to 3 bars, with the Kasda router plugged in i was get a more solid 3 bars which was great. Having the 4 antennas it works well with giving you better signal and coverage. 

The only problem I can say I had was that it does not have a coaxial cable input and my verizon setup uses a coaxial cable input to connect the cable for app and other updates. Keeping the old verizon router plugged and plugging the Kasda router to it helps giving u better wifi and keeping ur old router for cable box updates.

All in all im happy with this router, it gives me a stronger signal 

where I need it and thats the whole point of it. 

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