Easy@Home 16 mode portable

Handheld Electronic Pulse

Massager Unit Review


-  FDA approved for OTC Use pain relief therapy device.
-  Built-in rechargeable batteries.
- Wall charger is included.

- Large LCD screen with Blue backlight shows you graphic information.
- 6 types of massage "Tuina, Acupuncture, Tapping, Cupping, Foot Reflexology or Micro Therapy"
- 16 Auto Procedure modes.

- 20 Levels for Power Intensity for each output.

- Relieve pain to many common problem areas such as back, shoulder, arm, leg, joint, etc.

- 4 Electrode Pads application used simultaneously and each channel controls 2 Pads independently. 

- Handheld and Portable: Compact size.

-  10 to 60 minute adjustable timer.

- Comes with a USB cable, wall adapter, and 4 high quality electrode pads.


My thoughts

Hello World, Here I am once again with another review. This time of this I'm doing a small review of the Easy@Home 16 mode portable Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit Review. Now that being said i had NEVER ever even tried a Pulse massager before so this was scary, interesting and amazing all at once. 

First...I was new to the whole "electric" massage thing so I didnt know what it would feel like or how it would work so I was a bit nervous to strap the pads on and give it a go. Eventually, I got the guts to try it and man did I ever. I started out trying it on my back. My back had been giving me some pain for a few days before I got this product to test so it was the obvious place to try it. 

I unpacked the device, inserted in included AAA batteries that are included, attached the cables to the pads and place them on my back. The i set the power to 2 and the intensity to 2 as well. The little by little i raised both and felt that 8 on both sides was a perfect setting for me. I laid down and let them go to work and man does it feel good zapping your back lol. I then also used it in different spots with them being set at different intensities. The knees I liked it a bit lower and my arms as well. I liked a more intense massage on my back and legs. I have to say I love these electric pulse units. I sit back or lay down and just enjoy the movement of electricity through my body. The patterns and changes in intensity are great.

If you are new to these they can seem a bit scary as i was afraid at first myself to shock myself lol but as long as you have it set to a low setting to start you can gradually find the settings you enjoy. 

This unit though, does have the separate sections that one person can use 4 pads or have 2 different people to use the unit at the same time. That makes it fun to have a nice massage session with a friend, family or loved one. Both lay back in bed or a nice comfy chair and massage away. 

I do have to give you a WARNING from me learning the hard way.

1 - Make sure device is turned off when putting on the pads and taking them off. 
2 - Make sure the settings are turned down before turning the device on. You do not want to start on the highest setting. 
3 - Pads can be reused so don't throw them away after you are done. Put them back on plastic for another use. I recommend cleaning the area well where you are going to use them. Cleaning the area will prevent the pads from wearing out faster and give you longer use of them.

Now that its said. I highly recommend this massager. It is extremely awesome, fun and enjoyable. So give it a try and come back here and let me know what you thought or if you already have one let me know your feelings on it. 

Easy@Home 16 mode portable Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit Review