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My Thoughts

Hello, my awesome friends, short review/show and tell of this cool little CUJO firewall protector. The cute little #Cujo is a smart firewall for the connected home, designed to bring business-level security to the home network. This one device will secure all devices connecting to the WiFi router. CUJO detects and blocks malicious sites, viruses, and hacks. Think of it like antivirus for your entire network. Plus, CUJO lets you control what your kids access online and keep them safe.

Now why is that awesome? One reason is that it protects your entire home and anything connected to your internet from viruses, attacks, hacks and more. You dont have to worry about buying virus software and paying yearly to update it or hope that you have the current versions etc. This little guy is working non-stop protecting your online activities. Not only is it great protection but you get business level security. 

Not only does it work on protecting your home from online attacks but it also gives you an easy to use control with an APP for IOS or ANDROID device. The app is simple to use and it is also used to set up your Cujo. Its an easy step by step process to connect your Cujo with the app. The only downside I found is that you need a smartphone to be able to download the app. Though most humans on earth have a cellphone so it should not be too bad of a thing. 

Another one of the great features that it has are the parental controls. With the parental controls you can give your kids the freedom to explore the internet and yet feel good knowing that your cujo is block access to websites you deem not suitable for your children. Block their access to adult website or any other website you dont want them on. Hey, you can even use it as a punishment device, they are bad... restrict their access to their most favorite or most used websites like facebook or youtube :) 

The Cujo comes with the Ethernet cable to get you started, a power supply and basic info cards. Its a small sleek design with cute eyes on the front that light up once it is powered up and running making it a cute little guy to place on a desk or anywhere in the home. Its not going to stick out or look ugly anywhere you put it.  

Installation for me was super simple. I downloaded the app for my Ipod Touch 6, connect the Cujo to my router, then followed the easy step by step instructions on the APP. You can download the APP for any Android device or IOS. After the steps are done, thats it, cujo is ready and protecting. I think it took less than 10 min, to set it up and have him up and running on my desk. Once its on and going he does have diff. eye designs to that give him a bit more character and make it fun to have. 

All in all, if you worry about the websites your kids go on, worried about hacks or viruses attacking your family devices and worry about the websites your kids get on, the Cujo is a great addition to your home. Let the #CUJO guard and protect your home. 




• BLAZING FAST (built with 1GB Ethernet)


Parental controls features:

- parental controls for all devices
- internet filter
- time limits
- social media monitoring
- pause internet

- alerts and reporting
- remote administration
- user profiles and settings

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CUJO Smart Firewall

Pretty awesome isn't it? Now wouldn't you want this little guy watching over your family online... i know i do. =)