1 - Barrels have an air tight seal.

2 - Built with new oak wood.

3 - Durable stands, spigots and bung.

4 - Charred to Perfection.

5 - Made by 4TH GENERATION COOPERS (barrel maker).

6 - Inside is charred.

7 - Contents get a natural-oak flavor.

‚Äč8 - Great for Whiskey, Wine, Rum, Bourbon, Tequila and Beer.

American Golden Oak Wood Barrel

My Thoughts

Hello, my beautiful people. I am here once again with a review of this awesome and beautiful little wooden barrel.

Very nice well made barrel.

At first it leaked but after seeing an instructional video i knew to wait up to 15 min even an hour to let the wood hydrate and swell up a bit cause any minor gaps to close.

After that it did just that, since then there are no leaks and its a beautiful piece to display and to hold your liquor.

I took away one star because i feel that the stand does not match the barrel quality. Its a bit rougher than the barrel and i wish it was smoother and it does feel a bit on the flimsy side.

But all in all its a beautiful piece and im happy to display it on top of my liquor cart with some other liquors i own.

Pretty awesome isn't it? Now wouldn't you want this badboy in your house ready for your next get together, I know I would. =)

Check out the awesome pictures and click them for more info.